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How To Speed Up an Android Mobile Device...

Hey guys today i gonna show you How To Speed Up Android Phones . now days everyone has android phone and when you use android phones then you face some problem in your phone like slow speed hang many times these are the main problem nobody wants slower phone so you need to speed up android phone but how to speed up my android phone.
I think you have try many apps to speed up android phone but today i gonna show you some of best apps with you can optimize your mobile for best speed and never gets your phone slow again. The main problem of slower phone is lot of cache and junk files and unwanted apps that use the ram continuously and it slows your mobile so try all apps for speed up your mobile so lets start follow the steps .
I gonna show you 5 ways to speed up your android phone you try all and optimize your android phone for the best speed and you can try this in any android phone
How To Speed Up Android Phone
1. ZDbox :
The main problem your phone gets slower cause there is lot of cache and junk files and this only use the ram memory so it cause your phone gets slower so try this all in one app had many feature. you can limit your mobile traffic, you can close all the running task in one click , you can move apps from phone memeroy to sd memory it also speed up your mobile , you can uninstall unwanted apps or disable apps it really speed up your android phone you can delete all the junk and cache file with just one click from all apps so it speed up your mobile phone for best speed .

2. Disable or Uninstall Unused App :
You may not know it, but many of the apps you never even use may be running in the background, eating up precious system resources. From the app that you tried for last 5 minutes to the month shopping app that came preloaded on your phone, every unused app has the potential to weigh your phone down. It’s easy to uninstall apps you’ve downloaded yourself, but crapware is a little harder to dispose of.
If you have rooted your phone, you can completely remove every trace of your preloaded apps. If not, you can still disable those apps through the settings menu. It should take about 10 seconds to uninstall or disable each app you don’t want. It should take you approximately one minute to get rid of 6 apps, longer if you have more crapware to dump.

3. Advanced MobileCare :
This is awesome app i always use this app in my android phone it is the most necessary app for any android phone. it has many cool feature like you can repair any file in your phone and delete cache junk files unwanted files kill working task in just one click and here you go your phone optimize for best speed and there is power saver option in this app with just one click your phone is optimize for power saver and consume low battery than ever there is also a best cool feature you can optimize your mobile for any game just click on optimize and you can select any app or game and that will be optimize for best speed. So i recommend you to must download this app.

4. Remove Unnecessary Widgets and Shortcuts :
Even with a speedy App Launcher installed, your phone will use more memory the more widgets and shortcuts it has in memory. Look through your desktops for widgets you don’t absolutely need and remove them by long pressing and dragging them off screen. A number of phones with widgets that advertise services such as media stores or news services. Unless you really want to look at a list of hot YouTube videos or Google Play Books on your home screen every day, remove these. Dragging half a dozen shortcuts and widgets off of your desktops should take 30 seconds.
5. Limit or Disable Background Data :
your email, your gmail, your facebook, your twitter your whatsapp , your viber and another apps that use data it regularly use data and use battery and more of consume ram every time in background so it cause slower mobile phone There are some services you may want to sync in real time, but there are others you can check manually. For example,if you don’t need to be alerted the moment you get a
Facebook mention or receivean email to your personal account, you can prevent those from connecting in the background.
To disable background or limit data :
1. Navigate to Settings.
2. open use data
3. Launch the context menu by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen or hitting the menu button (on Samsung and LG phones).
4. Toggle Autosync data to off and tap Ok on the warning that comes up.
To disable background data for Gmail, Google+ and other Google Services:
1. Navigate to Settings . You can get to the Android settings menu from the notification drawer or appsmenu.
2. Tap on Google under accounts .
3. Tap the account name. If the sync icon next to the account name is green, it has sync permission. If it isgray, syncing is already disabled.


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