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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Add Video in Place of Profile picture on Facebook...

Add Video in Place of Profile picture on Facebook
To supplement Video as Profile Pic on Facebook we need to ensue as follow:-
1. Goto Flip SG App on Facebook (just hunt Flip SG on Facebook hunt box)
2. Now to use this underline we need to Install Addon as we can see from a figure there are many browser to that we can supplement a addon of a application
3. After installing a addon. a subsequent step is to Connect Your Profile With APP and for that we need to press bond button.
4. Once App is active we are one step divided from addingvideo to your facebook profile. and to Add Video Press on “Don’t have Flip”.
5. Now we need to Choose Option For Uploading Video possibly we can emanate video directly with webcam or u need to upload a video(press B to upload video).
6. If we Press B choice afterwards we will see shadelike next image. here we need to crop to video placee and afterwards press upload symbol to Upload Video of yours
7. And if we Press Option A we will see shade like next picture here we need to Record Video of yours by direct record.
8. Enjoy
So here is all about Add Video in Place of Profile picture on Facebook so try this and do something different from others and be famous in your friends.
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